Adrian Tizóc Marshall González
VHS video on OLED screen (1.5x2x1 inches), a miniature plastic ladder (5x2x1 inches), and external battery (1.6x4.9x3.7 inches)

Artwork Description

Societal structures remain in place as ghosts lash out, attempting in vain to tear them down, battering against the concrete. Nothing changes, everything stays the same, and the spirits return to docile complicity under archaic colonial fortifications.


Adrian Tizóc Marshall is a Mestizo writer, director, cinematographer, photographer and musician with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona where he was born and raised; the city also served as the surreal backdrop for his debut short film, "Gentile (La gentil)", an ambitious narrative endeavor inspired by the works of salvador dali and Zdzislaw Beksinski. After its premiere as part of the Arizona Underground Film Festival, the film won "Best Experimental Short" at the Niagara Falls International Short Festival, Kansas Arthouse Festival and the New York Independent Cinema Awards alongside nominations and selections from Toronto Indie Shorts, Munich Short Film Awards, Chicago Indie Film Awards and Roma Shorts.

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