Misha Poklad (SAIC MFA Visual Communication Design 2024)
“misprint” & “codec”
from book series “APP: Analogue Processing Poetics”
paper, accordion book, 5x5 inches when folded

Artwork Description

APP: Analogue Processing Poetics is a series of books, presenting algorithms for simple creative acts executed by utopic machines. Each book narrates a succinct but eloquent episode – a mechanistic haiku – of flow, change, and loss occurring in the digital realm. Inspired by 3D modeling software and visual coding languages, the books anatomize complex anthropological phenomena such as digitalization, cultural encoding, accumulation, and reproduction, distilling them into simple steps. Traveling over the folds’ contents, a signal, incarnated in the viewer’s pupil, activates each linear program. At first glance, cold and calculated, the pieces are tragicomic, highlighting the humor of machines’ inability to rationalize the human but also the tragedy of discarding the unrecognized “corrupt” files associated with synesthetic senses, illogic, and irrationality.

Misha Poklad is an experimental filmmaker and multimedia artist from Kyiv, Ukraine. With digital 3D at the core of his practice, Misha shapes the malleable polygonal meshes into typography, animation, and generative recursions. Exploring themes of disintegration and collapse through experimental writing and animation, he constructs elaborate fantasmagorical worlds just to observe their predestined entropy through the use of absurd imagery, uncontrolled hyperbole, and abstruse non-narrative. Utilizing virtual space as a terrain capable of controlled erosion, Misha generates the eclectic aesthetic of the Anthropocene, synthesizing grotesque humor and somber mourning. Currently, he is pursuing his MFA in Visual Communication Design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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